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The research approach: the importance of data to drive our best communications

In Public Relations is a trend: we have to know our customer. So we have a powreful and low-cost tool in market research: online surveys are one of the most powerful and popular tools we use to uncover interesting insights. Online surveys have multiple impactful applications such as generating mentions and interesting stories in quality industry and top-tier publications or giving a company direction around which version of it's brand messaging is most successful. Online marketing is still here, and we want to share a couple of reasons why online surveys have been around for so long and will continue to be a popular tool in market research: Global Reach – one of the best aspects of an online

Thinking about the communications we are looking for but we are not aware yet

Slow food. Slow life. The paradigm changes are as real as they are permanent in our new century culture. The old paradigms associated with the culture of mass consumption represented by the ideals of "better bigger and faster" are in decline, and new generations of young clients have developed a new awareness about the world around them. A concern for the environment and new concerns of existence: these are the values ​​adopted by the youngest citizens in different parts of the world. Both millennials, who are already approaching forty years of age, and the centennial generation. They adopt technology and new forms of communication, but of course! They also require that companies have global

Designing Digital Products & Platforms: user experience as a milestone of Business Strategy

Take a peep into the basics of UX definition & development to help leverage your business strategy. Despite being told not to, we still judge a book by its cover. In this day and age, we should know better than to decide by appearances. What’s worse is that our attention spans are getting shorter. We prefer 30 second videos and highly visual content over reading lengthy articles. We don’t have the patience to deal with substandard products. If there is an issue, we demand a near-instant response and resolution. In pursuit of innovation, many entrepreneurs have successfully and quickly built their empires on killer user experience (UX). Superior experience breeds loyalty, engagement and advoc

5 Digital Trends for 2020

1. Instagram stories will be even more important for companies Remember when the general consensus about Instagram stories was that Instagram was just trying to copy Snapchat? The stories already serve as another way for users to come into contact with a business on Instagram and finally end up on the landing page or website of that business. However, it seems that every day a new feature appears in the stories, allowing users to interact with a brand in new ways. Today, companies can even add their own GIFs to the platform. There are all kinds of functionalities to take advantage of in the stories, including the shoppable posts. Brands such as Aldi and Big Lots use the survey function to as

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