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Loving LATAM: why is so important to be regional

This approach shares impressions and lived experiences about the importance of having a great team in Latin America of our own. What we learn over time is that it takes us about a year to learn a new job. New chair, new desk, and new experiences. When I started at the agency, I realized after a while that one of our strengths was the possibility of working regionally. That is, to have ourown office structure, with our own employees. Something that may seem normal in any company, right? Or so it seems at first. But stop! Let´s think a little bit about it, because a lot of agencies in LATAM say that are regional, but they work with partners, or other companies from a holding. Is not the same!

How about your media segmentations?

Media lists are not the most exciting parts of PR, but a well-put-together media list is a crucial piece of any successful campaign. No matter if you are informing about a new product launch, or offering commentary for a developing industry story, the quality of your media list will have insidence in relation with the quality and quantity of coverage you secure Undestand your client´s target media One of the best actions you can take when you start working with a company is to identify their target media. What we should do is to make an excel document and compile all the industry and vertical trade publications and determine the appropriate contact at each outlet. If your client works in m

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